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The perfect excuse to take a break and spice-up your life, the Comm’ Boxes are games which will do good to your couple and your family.

Designed by professional counselors and relationship therapists, these games will spark laughs as well as deep conversations!

Here’s how it works: it starts with small challenges with prizes to win, it follows with questions on a wide range of topics and ends with a great conversation. A great gift! For a wedding anniversary, Valentine’s day, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Christmas… or for yourself!

Here’s how it works: it starts with small challenges with prizes to win, it follows with questions on a wide range of topics and ends with a great conversation. A great gift! For a wedding anniversary, Valentine’s day, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Christmas… or for yourself!

A tool for all singles who seek there soul mate. To get to know yourself better and to facilitate and spice up the discussions during your first dates.


  • With my cousins, we love playing board games. But with this Box, we also managed to have our parents and grandparents play with us – and they were truly amazing at the imitations and other challenges. In the end, we had an excellent intergenerational moment, and a great conversation that last well after the end of the game.”


  • “The neighbors came to tell us we were doing too much noise, because we were laughing too much… We played with my father, my sister and her husband, and 2 of my children, and we spent a truly good moment together. On top of generating great laughs, it helped us recall great memories, talk about our future plans and reinforce our family cohesion. Anyway, I strongly recommend this game!”

    Amazon customer

  • I tested it with a group of teenagers and with a group of adults, and they all loved it. A great communication tool to learn to know yourself. Props to the authors!”

    Amazon Customer

  • My teenage boy first looked at the Box and said: “what is this thing??” I didn’t give up and I left it around the house without insisting too much on playing it. He finally agreed to play – a first! – with his little brother and us, their parents. In short: we had a lot of fun, and my son admitted that the “Confidence” questions were quite good. We realized he had much to say.”


  • “Thank you for this game which should be put in the hands of all couples! We tried it, and it became our favorite gift for weddings!”


  • “As a guy, I was suspicious of this game, and was quite reluctant to play. Actually, good surprise for me: it’s well designed, we had a great time (especially doing the imitations) and the prizes are really cool (small act of kindness, giving a massage, delivering a breakfast in bed…)!”


  • “Thank you for this great initiative, which enables couples to have fun while maintaining good communication on important topics, which oftentimes we forget to discuss with passing years!”


  • “I bought it for MY OWN Mother’s Day, given that Superman is out in left field for this kind of things. We were delighted, a great evening: a good bottle of wine, small things to eat, and the Comm’ Box.”


See more customer feedback on Amazon: click here for the Couple and here for the Family (in French).



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Married, mum of 2 young boys, a consultant or communication teacher during daytime; sometimes on a theater stage in the evening, Maud has a busy life... She got the idea of The Comm 'Boxes because with our intense lives, we need more than ever to spend true quality times with our love ones.



Married to a great guy :), mother of 4 children. After a business school, Marie specialized herself in marketing and sourcing between Montreal, Shanghai and Oxford. She develops The Comm’ Boxes because she deeply believes that our relationships are precious and that to say things with simplicity and kindness is essential!



He is a very active dad, with a full schedule! He still loves gathering with friends and family when evenings come. So, to be able to do everything – giving seminars, having beers with friends, giving the bottle to his baby and spoiling his wife – he uses his crayons all the time to communicate as best he can!



Dorothée combines personal aspirations with her professional life. In charge of a Foundation, she is a great communicator and wears many hats, in service of the projects and causes that she defends. She doesn’t, however, forget her baby and her husband, who – is it a real surprise? ;) – is a great communicator as well!


Business Development

To contribute to the development of games that recreate the link between people, allow to refocus on the essential, gives a new meaning to her professional life. It was with great enthusiasm that she joined the team, and is very impressed with all the work already accomplished.



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